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uFootsie - Soothing Warm-Spa Foot Massager

Approx Price: Rs 23,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Product Details:
  • Brand: Osim
  • Features: Multiple Speeds
  • Operation Mode: Electric
  • Type: Vibrating

OSIM uFootsie - Soothing warm-spa massage for your leg

Soothes, relieves and energizes aching and tired legs. Inspired by the benefits of a warm-spa experience, the OSIM uFootsie foot massager provides a soothing warm vibration massage to ease tired legs and enhance overall well-being.

The Power of warmth - The soothing warmth in uFootsie helps loosen stiff muscles, so that you benefit from the full curative effects of the massage. Feel the tension in your legs melt away as it also aids circulation which increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients for quicker recovery to keep your legs strong and healthy.

An indulging treat during the cold seasons, the uFootsie is perfect for keeping cold, clammy feet warm and relax!

Warm-spa auto massage programs - With unique synchronization of vibration massage and warmth, the uFootsie has 5 auto massage programs to meet varying needs. From a gentle, soothing massage to a more intense and stimulating session, it relaxes and rejuvenates your calves, ankles and feet.

Enhance massage experience - Stylishly designed with fabric socks to trap the warm air within, the uFootsie allows easy access, better massage coverage and better fit for extra comfort.

Usqueez Air Massager

Approx Price: Rs 36,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Product Details:
  • Brand: Osim
  • Color: orange
  • Features: Multiple Speeds, Convenient Control Options
  • Operation Mode: Electric
  • Type: Kneading, Rolling, Air-Pressure
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Working Principle: Mechanical

The massage boots with strong or gentle massage to perfectly pamper your legs


Double massage enjoyment with OSIM uSqueez Air

(New Exclusive to OSIM uSqueez Air)
Many of today’s professions and lifestyle activities are hard on a pair of legs. Inspired by the health benefits of an intense traditional foot reflexology massage and the soothing comfort of a relaxing full-leg massage, the OSIM uSqueez Air brings together strong and gentle massages that revitalize your legs and better the health of you and your family.

Strong massage

Strong and intensive power massage to ease tension.
Penetrates deep into muscle layers to melt away aches and tiredness, often experienced after a long day at work.

Gentle massage

Calming and restorative comfort massage to soothe tired legs.
Increases circulation to help reduce stress, both emotionally and physically.


Perfect fit for your legs

Full coverage massage for your calves, ankles and feet

A perfect full coverage massage including your calves, ankles and feet, providing the extra-feel-good stimulation to alleviate muscle aches and strain for ultimate relaxation on both legs.


Intense roller reflexology massage

Simulating the massage of a trained reflexologist, the uSqueez Air’s protruding nodes stimulate vital reflex points by firmly pressing onto the arches of your feet, relieving pressure that builds up in these areas while encouraging positive flow of energy throughout the body for better health and well-being.

Wrap-around soothing airbag massage

Strategically positioned airbags move in a choreographed sequence to revitalize the calves, ankles and feet. The firm squeezing massage improves circulation to prevent the build-up of toxins. The wrap-around airbag massage cleverly hugs varied feet and calves sizes of different users to melt away tension, leaving your legs refreshed and recharged.

Modern design for any modern home

Minimalistic but expressive in design with soft furnishing, the uSqueez Air is a perfect fit for any modern home.



Lightweight low power consumption

Lightweight and portable, uSqueez Air is a convenient choice to unwind anytime, anywhere. In addition, its low power consumption ensures better energy efficiency and savings.

5 Specialized lifestyle massage programs designed to suit your needs

I. Reflexology

This program promotes positive energy flow and health-yielding benefits of a traditional foot reflexology massage while improving body circulation.



II. Energize

A combination of deep and intensive massage actions helps relieve muscle aches and strain after exercise and physical activities, leaving your legs invigorated and charged up.


III. High-heels (Ladies’ favorite)

Simultaneous airbag and roller massage target stress points on your calves and ankles resulting from prolonged periods in heels, making it a perfect remedy for heel-loving legs.


IV. Relax

Soothe and relax tensed leg muscles with a clever combination of squeezing and roller reflexology massage. Perfect for revitalizing tired legs after a long day.

V. Sleep

Sensitively programmed, the gentle massage actions help to alleviate stress and relax your legs in preparation for a restful night’s sleep


User-friendly maintenance

The pair of sock covers attached within the uSqueez Air are removable.Simply unzip and detach for washing when needed.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: OS-344
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